Developed for Study Abroad programs, Sisto is a lightweight web app which provides educators and students with access to a learning platform specifically tailored for them.  Although its footprint is lightweight the app is anything but, it serves all the purposes that an on-campus platform would provide with additional features such as the Emergency Messaging Service.  New plugins are added frequently to meet the requests of clients, all updates are included in the SLA price.

Info Pages

The info pages serve the same purpose as a dedicated website and can be used to provide information about the school/company to registered users.  This section can also be used for information about the local area, travel tips and pretty much anything else you wish to present to users.  The quick filtering feature is an intuitive way for users to find what they're looking for quickly and allows the school/company to compartmentalize different sections they wish to present.  The pages are managed in the CMS and have a variety of layouts to chose from.


This section is where the user facing part of the learning platform lives.  Students can download materials, submit papers, access class schedules and follow links to online resources in here.  The platform is managed in the editor suite which is where new classes are created, files uploaded, links added and where papers are set, collected, scored and returned.



Students who are traveling are required to submit their travel details, the date and location are the used in conjunction with the Emergency messaging service so that they can be located in case of an emergency in their location. Students who are resident in a city for a prolonged period do not need to submit travel data, there location is added in the student data section of the secure area.


Promote your own events or inform users of what's going on in the local area.  This section allows users to quickly see what's on and what's going to be on.  The events are managed in the editor suite and editorial responsibilities can be delegated to users based on their role. Events have their own page within the overall site for SEO purposes and can be moved to the public facing part of the platform with the click of a button.


Organize your dates and make them available to the relevant users with the shared calendars.  Calendar events can be class schedules, field trips, appointments, vacation time etc… They can be shown to all users or just those assigned to a class or group.
This feature will be available in version 2.1


File Share

Share files with colleagues and students with this online file repository.  Organize files in the same familiar way as a desktop and share them with individuals, groups, classes or everyone on the platform.
This feature will be available in version 2.1


Students can quickly check their grades with this tool.  Grades are added in the papers section of the editor suite. Weighting of the papers can be set in the grade tables section which is where other assessments can also be scored.


No need to find a mailing list for students, this tool allows you to message individuals, groups or classes from the global address book.  Students can reply or message each other, all without the need for an email address or subscription to a third party messaging service. Notifications can be turned on and off by the user, they have the ability to customize which groups they receive notifications from.
This feature will be available in version 2.1

Emergency Messaging Service

With what seems an ever increasingly dangerous world especially for young adults out enjoying themselves we have developed the EMS.  The platform allows an administrative team to create a Emergency Situation in a geographical location and all students who are in that area are collated into an Emergency Management Tool.  Students can be contacted via SMS or through the messaging app directly from the platform and a live log keeps track of all actions taken to ensure individual students are in a safe location.  Students can be checked in if they have been confirmed as safe and further messages can be sent to those who are yet to be checked in.

Editor Suite

The academics’ section, grade tables, events and calendars can be managed through this section of the CMS.  Access is restricted to those granted permission and administrators.  Registered users can be granted access to edit and create new content, permissions can be designated at each level ensuring data integrity as well as accessibility.

Content Management System (CMS)

Manage the info pages, add users, add classes, add programs, add schools, manage class enrollment and send authorization codes to new users in the CMS. 


New users can be added with the upload of a single Excel file or added individually.  Each user is assigned a Auth. code associated with their email address and a regstration email is dispatched from the pre-registration tool.


Once the users are added, they can be enrolled into the classes available (added in the Editor Suite) and once they complete registration they can access those classes through the Academics section.


New info pages can be added, styled and edited in the CMS, there are several layouts to chose from, add images, files and links all in one place.  New filters/sub sections can also be added in the CMS.