Sisto design principles
Cloud Based:

our products are all based in the cloud allowing for rapid deployment, scalability and live data access.

Simple User Interface:

products that are simple to use so that less training and support is required.

Live and secure:

all the benefits of live data in the cloud with the knowledge that data is protected by triple lock security.

Our Products and Services
  • sisto
  • webapps
  • web design

An app for educators and students.

  • Mass user creation: Create multiple users with the drop of a single Excel document.
  • Online registration:  Send group or single emails to users with individual codes for account creation.
  • Student administration: Administer students' data, their location, class, contact details etc...
  • Course/Class enrolment: Assign permissions to users for access to course materials.
  • Online courses: Organize courses by week or how you like, upload documents, papers, external links, set deadlines, retrieve papers, upload marked papers, grade papers, add comments, email students and more...
  • Grade tables:  Give students access to their grades.
  • Mini information website with CMS: Manage general school information available to students, emergency contact numbers, online forms.
  • Student travel information: For schools with travelling students, centralize their travel imformation and access it via a secure area.
  • Emergency contact interface:  In case of a natural disaster or other event where student safety is a concern, contact them via SMS and log their status through this interface.
  • Multi platform: Works on all major operating sysem platforms.
  • Multi device: Works on mobile devices as well as traditional computers.
  • Responsive deign: The interface adapts to fit each screen size.
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Over 15 years experience working with clients to deliver the tools they need online.  From simple tools to enable you to connect with clients through to fully cloud based work platfroms, we can help you improve your communications, productivity and data security.

  • Rapid development: Unlike traditional apps there's no lengthy appoval process to get your product in the app store.
  • Scalable: Add or remove as much content and functions as you like, the cloud is the limit.
  • Communicate: Get information to where it needs to be with an app that connects you to your clients, staff and users.
  • Organize: Create schedules, project plans, noticeboards, work groups and work collaboratively across multiple work locations and devices.
web design

Customer led design to reach out to the world.

  • Responsive Design: One site morphing to fit all devices, platforms and screen sizes.
  • Focus on User Interface Design:  The essential part of any design is how users interact with it, that is as true for physical objects as it is for web sites and our focus from the start is user experience orientated.
  • SEO: Proven track record in promoting new or existing sites to get you the maximum exposure.
  • Bespoke: Stand out from the crowd with a unique design and user experience you can only get from a bespoke site.
  • CMS: Fully editable content with our purpose built CMS.
  • E-Commerce:  Create your own sales platform to reach out to a global market.